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aspNetMX Change Log

The following notes are from the aspNetMX.dll change log. They are not meant to be a complete description of every change, but more of an overview of different stages of aspNetMX's development.

Version Date Description 30 MAY 2012 Exposed the MailboxChecker.UseBackgroundThreads property. 30 MAY 2012 Added some additional threading changes in the MailboxChecker class. 29 MAY 2012 Added additional log statements 02 APR 2012 Added the DnsRetriesOnZeroRecords and DnsRetryOnZeroRecordsPause properties on the MXValidate object. 27 MAR 2012 Added the capability to send an email, if the Mailbox validation is successful 12 JAN 2012 Made a small help file change. 07 JAN 2012 Made a small license decoding change. 02 JAN 2012 Released to production. 30 DEC 2011 Internal Testing 26 OCT 2011 Internal Testing 24 OCT 2011 Implemented the new license key system. 13 OCT 2011 Added the .IsValid, .ValidateLevelResult, and LogInMemory properties to the EmailValidator control. 10 OCT 2011 Added the IgnoreEmptyAddresses option to the EmailValidator control. 07 APR 2011 Added some additional interal license functionality. 19 JAN 2011 Custom build. 19 JAN 2011 Added additional logging for troubleshooting purposes. 19 JAN 2011 Modifed some of the internal license verification code. 28 MAY 2010 Added another location to trap any exceptions, that may get accidently thrown. 27 MAY 2010 Renamed MailboxChecker.BackgroundThreadCount to MailboxChecker.ThreadCount 27 MAY 2010 Exposed the BackgroundThreadCount propeprty on the MailBoxChecker class. 13 APR 2010 Added the EmailSyntaxByRules(...) method. Also added the SyntaxValidation enum. 22 MAR 2010 Modified the Regex pattern for better email syntax validation. 10 JUL 2009 Inc'd for build purposes 09 JUL 2009 Added the LogOpenStream property 08 JUL 2009 Converted the StringCollections to Hashtables on the MailboxChecker class for increased performance. 11 JUN 2009 Added additional logging statements for easier troubleshooting. 11 JUN 2009 Incremented the version numbers. 11 JUN 2009 Incremented the version numbers. 11 JUN 2009 Added the FailedAddresses list to the MailBoxChecker class. 10 JUN 2009 Incremented the version numbers. 10 JUN 2009 Added additional logging statements to the MailChecker class. 30 MAY 2009 Added the MailChecker class 14 APR 2009 Added better checking for internal mutli-line SMTP responses, where not expected. 07 APR 2009 Added the MXValidate.TimedValidation(...) method. 29 MAR 2009 Added the Greylisted MXValidationLevel. This can be used by setting .CheckGreylisting = true. 01 FEB 2009 Fixed a bug where it was possible for SMTP validation to occur, if MXRecord validation was selected, and there was a SMTP sserver living at the literal domain location. 01 FEB 2009 Fixed a bug where it was possible for SMTP validation to occur, if MXRecord validation was selected, and there was a SMTP sserver living at the literal domain location. 01 FEB 2009 Updated some internal code to prevent possible thread locking issues. 30 SEP 2008 Updated the DefaultRegexPattern to be @"^((\w+)|(\w+[!#$%&'*+\-,./=?^_`{|}~\w]*[!#$%&'*+\-,/=?^_`{|}~\w]))@((\[[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.)|(([a-zA-Z0-9\-]+\.)+))([a-zA-Z]{2,10}|[0-9]{1,3})(\]?)$" 14 AUG 2008 Added proxy server functionality to the MXValidate class. 03 JUL 2008 Added the EmailAddress parameter to the SmtpServerResponseEventArgs class. 03 JUL 2008 Added the EmailAddress parameter to the SmtpServerResponseEventArgs class. 11 JUN 2008 Added additional .Contains(..) checking for internal hash tables 23 MAY 2008 Added the MXLicense class, so aspNetMX can be used by COM (ASP/VBScript/VB6) clients. 08 OCT 2007 Modified the DefaultRegexPattern to @"^(\w+([!#$%&'*+-/=?^_`{|}~]*\w+)*)@((\[[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.)|(([a-zA-Z0-9\-]+\.)+))([a-zA-Z]{2,4}|[0-9]{1,3})(\]?)$" 05 SEP 2007 Fixed a bug when handling single digit IP addresses 27 MAR 2007 Inc'd for build purposes 13 MAR 2007 Incremented for build purposes 30 JAN 2007 Added additional try..catch..finally blocks around some of the socket shutdown code. 11 DEC 2006 Added the MXValidate.ClearLog() method, to clear the in-memory log. 18 OCT 2006 Inc'd for build purposes 18 OCT 2006 Added the .GetLog( bool htmlEncode ) method. 09 OCT 2006 Added the MXValidate.Validate( string emailAddress, MXValidateLevel level, int timeout, out bool timedOut ) method 08 MAY 2006 Added the [assembly:AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers] attribute. 16 MAR 2006 Added some additional try...catches to help with error handling, and raising the OnError exception. 18 OCT 2005 Fixed a bug where MX Records wouldn't be sorted correctly for certain domains.

18 OCT 2005 Coded a work around where the .NET 2.0 Framework using UTF8 could drop high surrogate characters

06 Sept 2005 Released as 2.0

  Added the async BeginValidate(..) and EndValidate(...) methods 07 JUN 2005 Added some additional log statments for better troubleshooting

  Added the ThrowException property 05 JUN 2005 Added the DnsRetries and DnsRetryPause properties to the MXValidate object

  Added WriteLog() statements to the DNS Query class

  Fixed a bug where if a SMTP server timed out, the level returned was SMTP, instead of MX

  Added the UseEhlo property
Added the OnServerResponse event to the MXValidate object

  Fixed a bug where, when checking for LiteralDomains, the level returned was SMTP, even if a MXRecord did not exist.s

  Created the DnsException class to handle any Dns errors.

  Made sure the SocketExcpetions were fired during the SMTP Mailbox validation part.

  Fixed "CSP could not be aquired" error.


Converted to Xml licensing

  Fixed a bug where MailBox validation returned false.

  Fixed a bug, where an exception was thrown if duplicate MX records were found.

  Added the RowIndex property to the ValidateEmailEvent arg

  Added the OnError event to the MXValidate object

20 JUN 2004 Fixed a bug where double events were being raised. Added a DataRow to the MXValidateEmailEventArgs event, Added the Tag property

  Fixed a bug in the OnLog event.

  Added the OnLogEvent and the OnValidateComplete event

  Changed the DNSQuery class to immediately clean up the socket

  Added the capability to specify Local endpoints for talking to the remote SMTP server

  Added the BadDomains property.

  Added the SmtpServer property on the MXValidateEventArgs object

  Recoded the AddKnownDomains/AddBadEmails/AddMailboxDomains() methods

  Added the CheckLiteralDomain property

  Added the version number and date/time to the log

  Added the ValidateCSVString() method   added the RecurseMailDomains property

15 JAN 2003

Released v 1.0




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