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ListNanny update on Mar 29, 2011

by Dave 29. March 2011 06:33

For those that are interested, a new ListNanny update has been posted to the build udpates page.

The update includes the following:

A new NDRPart.Hrefs() method. 
This method will return a list of all web links found in the body of a bounce.

Exposed the CategorizeBounce( string key, NDRType newTypeClassification) method.
This new NDR method will allow the developer to change the classification of a bounce.  If the developer doesn't agree with ListNanny's bounce definition, the developer can simply call this method to remap the internal classification routine.

Fixed a bug in the ProcessingEngine class where it was possible to duplicate a NDR
There was a bug in the ProcessingEngine routine, where it was possible for a previous NDR to be prepended to the current NDR. This was unlikely to happen, but possible.

I also pushed a new NDR defintion file, that contains new NDR updates. This can be downloaded from:
http://listnanny.net/ndr1.65.def.xml (Right-Click Save Target As...)

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me.

Dave Wanta



Using ListNanny to Extract MBX (MBox) Files

by Dave 26. March 2011 01:34

One of the capabilities of ListNanny, is for it to be able to parse MBX (sometimes called MBox or Mailbox) files. It can parse and classify individual bounces found within those files.

However, another use, is to simply use ListNanny to convert the MBX file into it's individual emails.

Here is a short, but complete code example on how to do this.


//counter used for naming individual files
private int mbxCounter = 0;
private void ExtractMBX()

	//mbx path (change to match your system)
	string mbxPath  = @"D:\temp\main.mbx";

	//processing engine found in ListNanny
	ProcessingEngine pe = new ProcessingEngine();

	//wire up the OnBeforeParse file event
	pe.BeforeParseFile += new BeforeParseFileEventHandler( OnBeforeFileParse );
	pe.ProcessMBXFile( mbxPath );


private void OnBeforeFileParse( object sender, BeforeParseFileEventArgs e )
	//in this event, we will extract the email, save it to a file

	//email file path
	string emailFile  = @"d:\temp\MBXFiles\ExractedFile" + mbxCounter.ToString("00000") + ".eml";

	//write out the file
	string contents = e.Contents;
	StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(emailFile);
	sw.Write( contents );

	//tell ListNanny to ignore any further processing
	e.IgnoreFile = true;
	e.Contents = string.Empty;


 'counter used for naming individual files
Private mbxCounter As Integer = 0

Private Sub ExtractMBX()
   'mbx path (change to match your system)
   Dim mbxPath As String = "D:\temp\main.mbx"
   'processing engine found in ListNanny
   Dim pe As New ProcessingEngine()
   'wire up the OnBeforeParse file event
   AddHandler pe.BeforeParseFile, AddressOf OnBeforeFileParse
End Sub 'ExtractMBX

Private Sub OnBeforeFileParse(sender As Object, e As BeforeParseFileEventArgs)
   'in this event, we will extract the email, save it to a file
   'email file path
   Dim emailFile As String = "d:\temp\MBXFiles\ExractedFile" + mbxCounter.ToString("00000") + ".eml"
   'write out the file
   Dim contents As String = e.Contents
   Dim sw As New StreamWriter(emailFile)
   'tell ListNanny to ignore any further processing
   e.IgnoreFile = True
   e.Contents = String.Empty

   mbxCounter += 1
End Sub 

As always, if anyone has any questions, let me know through the Contact Us page. Thanks! Dave




Nice e-mail component!!! Easy programming interface, GREAT support, all the features you can think of, bug-fixing is fast, nice wellknown Microsoft-.NET-style help-file! "

Per Elsted | Immisceo Webdesign

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